Warmer  weather  means  it's  time  to  get  the  pool  open!

Most people like to wait until the pine pollen has finished dropping before opening the pool. That means pool opening falls some time around tax time or Easter. 


Opening your pool incorrectly can cause serious damage to your liner and equipment!

Please read and follow these steps to make sure you protect your investment and are ready to enjoy your pool. 

1. Scoop away all the leaves and debris that may have accumulated on the pool cover. Then siphon off any remaining water. Use a bucket to scoop off the last remaining water. Any water or debris that remains on the cover is likely to end up in the pool, and that makes more clean up work. Taking the time to completely clean the cover SAVES time and work after the cover is removed. 

2. Do NOT add shock to your pool until you have completed the steps below. Shocking your pool before you have balanced the chemicals risks damage to your liner and equipment!

2. Begin filling your pool. Clean away the "bathtub ring" above the winter water level. Our product "Off The Wall" works great for this job.

3. Change the sand in your filter if it's time. We recommend changing out the sand every other season to keep your filter working efficiently. We can give you instructions for how to do this, or we can do it for you. 

4. Check all gaskets and hoses for leaks. Also check the pump and filter to make sure they are working properly. 

5. Backwash the filter. Then let the pump filter fun for a minimum of two hours before collecting a water sample. The new water just added needs to mix with the old water to assure an accurate sample.

6. Bring us a water sample for testing before you add any shock or chemicals. Never add chlorine shock to a pool that has not been tested and had chemicals balanced. 

7. Clean the cover thoroughly and let it dry before folding or rolling it up for storage. 

8. ENJOY your POOL! 

Enjoy  your pool!