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"Make your dreams come true. I have wanted a pool for as long as I can remember. I finally took the step and reached out to Sheila at Berry Family Pools. I've spoken with her before about getting my own pool, but this year that dream came true. As always, Sheila, Kevin, and everyone that works there greeted me, worked through a plan to fit my dream, and have supported me from the time I walked in their doors and continuing now as I enjoy the summer water fun. They have never made me feel bad about the hundreds of questions I've asked or needs that made them step out and come to my home to show me how to operate first one thing and another. I am grateful to all of them at the pool store. When I go in to have water tested, they greet me with smiles and make me feel a part of their family. They truly care about my experience with their company and making this big dream finally come true. I welcome anyone thinking of getting a pool to shop around, but make one of those shopping stops with Berry's. They will have or create what your dreams hold for you. I can't say thank you enough to Sheila and everyone at Berry's." -- Jo McK.

"To start I had a very GREEN pool! Went to Berry Family Pools for the first time, and Amanda helped me. She was very knowledgeable about every question I asked ( and I know nothing about pools-- this is my first summer to have one). She took time with me to think about what we should do, in the most affordable way to get it back to blue. They write out papers with step-by-step instructions, which was so helpful. Had all the supplies there for what i needed.The NEXT DAY MY POOL WAS BLUE!!! All the people that work there have been super friendly and very helpful. Would highly highly recommend this store for anyone with a pool. Thank you for the great customer service and advice to keep my pool crystal clear! --Alesha H.

"Berry Family Pools is THE BEST!!!" --Elaine B.

"Just had our pool installed, and everything is fabulous. Customer service is on point. We had endless questions that they were all happy to answer, and we are so glad we went with Berry Family Pools. Once we did our homework and had our minds made up, everything went very quickly. We had a ton of rain right before the install men came, and they still managed to get our pool up and running right on schedule. All around great team."  —Jennifer W.

"We go there to get water tested and buy supplies and accessories each year. Absolute great customer service and no pressure to buy anything." --Kevin G.

"The BEST pool store in Longview!!! Went in there today, clueless and with tons of questions. Everyone was SO nice and so helpful. We really felt welcomed and felt so comfortable asking all of our questions no matter how silly we thought they were! The gentleman helping us shook our hands and said, "Welcome to the family." We're proud to be a part of such a great family! Thank you guys for everything."  —Jessica M.

"Berry Family Pools are Great! We have a 35-year-old Doughboy with the original liner. We are still swimming in it and having a blast every summer. This pool has gone through 2 kids and 2 grandkids already."  —Peter W.

"Having pool problems and called Berry Family Pools. Not only did they go over everything with me, Chris came out and repaired the problem. Great service. I will definitely use them again and recommend them with any of your pool problems."  —Marian F.

"We love Amanda! She is a WATER WHIZ! We don't mind driving an hour and 45 minutes to do business with the BEST in the pool business!! Well worth the drive to do business with the Berrys! Unbelievable customer service! A family business treating patrons like family!! Thanks, Berry Pools!"  —Melanie S.

"What a fabulous crew and place to go for pool supplies and equipment in Longview. And attentive staff. Willingness to help means everything to a grandmother of 10. Thank you so much;  you are all amazing! I recommend this business to anyone with pool needs."  —Laurie L.

"Great service, and the installers did an amazing job! I'm very happy with my new pool."  —Jason A.

"Berry  Family Pools installed the pool at our house 22 years ago. Our pool is still functioning the same as when they installed it, and the exterior looks brand new. We have had wonderful assistance and can rely on the knowledge of the staff at Berry  Family Pools. Their experienced staff keeps our maintenance cost at a minimum. They test the water for free, and if you need something to make your pool look great, they give you step-by-step instructions. You could not ask for better customer service. Over the years, Berry Family Pools has made us feel like a part of their family; we feel that every time we walk into their business. We would never consider going anywhere else for our pool needs. They have always gone above and beyond our expectations. Thank you, Berry Family Pools, for all you have done for us over the last 22 years, and here is to another 22 years and counting!"  —Larry and Michelle K.

"Best pool place around!!! They bent over backwards to help us out!!! We are very satisfied!!!"  —Kimberly B.

"Absolutely amazing customer service and stood behind everything they said. We love our pool!"  —Lashonda A.