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Clyde and Mary Ann Berry, founders of Berry Family PoolsA  funny  thing  happened  at  the  pool  store—

Back in 1978, Clyde and Mary Ann Berry were enjoying the pool at an out-of-town relative's house. They decided they would like their own pool. 

Clyde is a decisive kind of man, so on the way home, they stopped by a Doughboy Pool store. Clyde quickly realized that other people in Longview would want these pools too. So instead of just buying a pool, he called Doughboy and became a Doughboy Pool dealer.

Clyde started small, working out of his garage and helping a few friends get their own pools. Soon both he and Mary Ann were working nearly full time selling and installing pools. Clyde was getting worn out working two full time jobs. He realized he had to choose between his old job and the pool business.

Pools won—and Berry Family Pools has been a family business since 1978. Clyde has retired, but Mary Ann's smile still brightens the store each week when she comes in to keep the books in order. 

Sheila Berry Satterwhite, General Manager of Berry Family Pools"I  leave  for  college,  and  then  you  get  a pool?"

Sheila Berry Satterwhite, Clyde and Mary Ann's daughter, is now the General Manager of Berry Family Pools. Back in 1978, she was a little upset, thinking she had missed out on the pool experience. But when she saw how busy her parents were, she joined them in the family business. 

Family is hugely important to Sheila. In fact, that's what she loves best about Berry Family Pools. Sheila says, "Our customers are like family to us. Our pools last a long time—one has lasted 41 years so far—so we see our customers on a regular basis, often weekly, for years. We get to know them really well, and they become family here."

Amanda, Store Manager of Berry Family PoolsAnd the family tradition continues. Sheila's daughter Amanda started working in the family business when she was just 14 years old. Amanda is the Store Manager, but customers have nicknamed her the "Water Whiz." Some call ahead to make sure Amanda is working, then drive over an hour so Amanda can test their pool or spa water. 

Amanda's husband Kevin is our amazing deck builder and equipment repair wizard. Their children, Kaitlyn and Kyle, spent their baby and toddler years charming customers at the store and still feel like it's their second home.

Berry  Family  Pools  is  a  family  company.

We believe it's important for families to spend time together and enjoy being together. A family pool is a great way to make that happen. 

Come by the store and see the 5 pools set up on site. For more information, call or email and discover how much fun you will have with your own family pool!