Pool availability

Pool  Availability

Thank you for considering BERRY FAMILY POOLS for your future Doughboy Above-ground Pool, Viking Spa (both made in the USA!) or Deck. We have been serving East Texans for 43 years. Doughboy pools are a lasting investment! Our oldest pool turned 41 last year! We’re proud to have tons of pools that are 30-plus years old and counting!

We believe in being completely transparent and honest with our customers, so this page explains what you need to know if you want to purchase a pool for Summer 2022. No gimmicks—just the facts.

COVID  has  greatly  impacted  the  recreational  products  industry.

During 2020, families were stuck at home, having to cancel vacations and sports, and left with nothing to do. Anything from the recreational industry was a hot commodity and left the shelves quickly. Pools, trampolines, bicycles, boats, spas—you name it. Doughboy Pools were the only ones that were manufactured in the US. Others (including Walmart type) had no pools because they couldn’t be shipped in from China or Canada. The result: We were slammed, and Doughboy (a 75+ year American company) received 4-years-worth of orders AT ONCE!  This caused major delays at the plant and problems with getting enough raw materials. What we used to order and receive within only a few days now takes 6 months or longer to receive from the plant in Arkansas. Families made early pool purchases all through last fall and winter to get in line for their pool sometime this summer. In early spring, Doughboy notified us that they would fill existing orders, but they could not accept additional orders for the 2021 season.

As of April 29th, we are completely sold out of pools for the 2021 season. We can’t place our 2022 season order until October 1st. If you want to purchase a pool from us for 2022, please come in any time to start the process, and be ready to purchase by September at the latest. Our Viking Spas are coming in late, but we are getting them. Patience is the key. Nothing is fast any more. So if you want a pool for next summer, please don’t delay. Get started now!

Here  are  some  steps  to  get  started:

Step 1:   Check out the Pools and Decks pages on our website.  You’ll find lots of information about pools and spas along with photo galleries of our pools and decks to inspire you. Also check out the official Doughboy website. (Use this link to get to the official Doughboy site.)

Some see the 5 running pools, decks, and hot tubs at our storeStep 2:  Come to our Store. We have 5 running pools, liners, equipment, cleaners, steps, covers, Spas and deck. (Deck builder on site.)  Lots of Choices! Our pools are installed in two days; the backhoe can give you depths up to 7 ft, and the pool can be countersunk 2 ft. Pools with Vermiculite (soft concrete) bottoms range from $5000 up to around $20,000 and all in between. Customers come from up to 1 ½ hours away. We install within 80 miles of Longview except for Louisiana. It’s worth the trip to come see us!

We have no commissions, so there is no sales pressure at Berry Family Pools. Instead, we give you lots of information: a large brochure packet with a complete price list and instructions for how to mark out the different sizes in your yard. We want you to be able to choose what is best for YOU!

Start  planning  now!

We offer 100%, zero down, low-interest financing.

We are easy to find at 655 E. Loop 281, one mile East of Sam’s/Walmart. (Look for a large Rehab Hospital that uses our driveway.) 

Open Tues-Friday,  9:00 – 6:00, Saturday 9-3, Closed Sun & Mon.

Call us at 903-753-5456 or email berryfamilypools@yahoo.com

Hope to see you soon!

Sheila Berry Satterwhite

     (Four generations of Berrys)