Choose the perfect size and shape for your pool

Your New Pool—Installed  in  2 days!

Our professional installers—a team of brothers—have been installing pools for Berry Family Pools for 35 years! 

A pool installation takes only two days!

  • Digging out the area for the recessed pool and deep area
  • Shaping the pool
  • Refining the pool's shape
  • Pool, steps, and deep area taking shape
  • Checking placement of side supports
  • Checking placement of side supports
  • Rolling out the side walls
  • Side walls of the pool taking shape
  • Steps are in place
  • Doughboy's durable structure on display
  • Attaching side walls to supports
  • Side walls of the pool are in place
  • Sidewalls and steps
  • Crafting the smooth vermiculite bottom
  • Shaping the bottom of the pool
  • Shaping around the steps
  • The deep area is taking shape.
  • The smooth shape of the pool floor
  • Beginning to set the liner in place
  • Stretching the liner over the pool
  • Easing the liner into place
  • Water filling the deep area
  • Filling the pool!
  • The pool is filled!
  • Making sure the liner is completely smooth
  • Attaching tops to the pool walls
  • Pool construction is complete
  • The filter is installed and working.
  • Let's go swimming!

What's in your backyard?

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You'll be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to enjoy your own backyard pool!

Choose the perfect pool shape and size for your family. With our affordable prices and fantastic financing (100% financing, 0% downpayment, and low interest), you'll be enjoying your own pool in no time! 

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